Amrita is an amazing personal trainer, she is the whole package, training, nutrition Yoga, and she cares about her clients very much. She is enthusiastic, she works at your pace but at the same time motivates and empowers you to keep going with her magic! Personally, I experienced other trainer's before, but they are nothing like Amrita. She made me feel comfortable, taught me so much about training and nutrition and how it works for you or against you, and she was determined for me to reach my goal. I can now fit into jeans that I could not fit into before! Overall, she knows what she is doing and will no matter what help you reach your goal with her dedication! I am going to hire Amrita again when I am able to.  She did leave me with a program that I have been using on my own.  Thank you so much Amrita. 
Lishia K
Woodbridge, Ontario


I would like to say that Amrita is a conscientious trainer, she shows a lot of care for her clients and very friendly and knowledgeable.  She uplifts her clients when working with them and this gives me motivation and a good sense of feeling.  I am looking forward to a long-term relationship with Amrita as my personal trainer even after I reach my goals of losing 40 lbs in 4 months.

Margaret S
Brampton, Ont


I trained with Amrita for 7 weeks, 21 sessions altogether. It was definitely an amazing experience in more than one way! I never knew I had the dedication or will power to complete the training, but with Amrita's motivation I just could not stop. I started seeing results quicker than I thought, and everyon...e around me quickly started to notice. This pushed me to work even harder. Amrita encouraged me to change my diet and to think healthy. This really helped me trim down and got me closer to my goal. I was addicted to drinking pop but Amrita helped me realized that I am working too hard to let it all go over junk food that doesn't even benefit me to begin with. Just cutting pop out of my diet helped me look and feel less bloated, even my skin looked better. I started to train with Amrita because I wanted to look fit for vacation, and it definitely worked. Amrita designs an hour of intense workouts and once you get started you surprise yourself at what your capable of doing. She's patient and helps you through your workout. She makes you want to do that last push-up when you feel you can't do it. She motivates you to lift those weights when your about to give up. And at the end you feel accomplished. This whole experience also motivated me to stay active, keep the pounds off and continue working towards a toned body. It was only until I met Amrita that I noticed excercise is not just about looking good but feeling good as well, I feel so much more energized and I cannot imagine stopping now. I needed that push to get out there and do it on my own and Amrita did that for me!

PS: Check out my picture in Jamaica...I felt good and it was all Thanks to Amrita!


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